Tour inside a giant cell!
Cells, a small word with a grand meaning. Cells are the key to life, the building blocks of organisms. When you look at living matter, you only see 
the overall product, but in reality, a single living organism is made of one to trillions of cells! As cells make up an organ, organelles, make up a cell. 
Organelles are the different structures that enable a cell to perform life’s functions.

OBJECTIVE: As a biology class, you will study and learn about the valuable meaning of cell theory as well as the structures and functions of cell organelles by researching, building and exploring a larger than life plant cell!

1. Sign up! for an organelle/cell structure of your choice.
2. Research the structure and function of your chosen organelle.
3. Design Plan- Produce an architectural blueprint with a description and scale of your 3-
dimensional (not flat) organelle model (materials, size, shape etc.). You must show both
internal and external details.
4. Approval-Get your design plan approved by the teacher.
5. Build the 3D scale model of your organelle.
6. Write your organelle’s function, analogy, one interesting fact and one test question on a 5 x 7 
1. index card.
7. Present- Turn in your completed project and prepare a 3-5 minute class presentation. Focus on 
the structure and it’s functional contribution to the plant cell.