Interactive Science Notebook (ISN)

An interactive science notebook (ISN) will be required for all students taking this class.  A ISN is your own personalized diary of science learning.  It is a portfolio of all your work in one convenient location.  Your ISN is an organizational tool that gives you permission to be creative and is a great tool for studying for upcoming quizzes and tests. And ultimately, it allows you to THINK, REFLECT, and RECORD like a REAL SCIENTIST!

What to expect...

We will be setting up our interactive science notebooks together during the first week of school. Students will be expected to bring their notebooks to class every day for the entirety of the year. Pop-quizzes and unannounced ISN checks will occur and will count towards final semester grades.  There will also be 3 ISN collections throughout the year, each totaling points equivalent to that of a test grade.

How to Setup your Biology ISN 2014-15